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Business & Law

Recent years have been marked by profound changes in Europe's economic and financial markets, endangering the backbone of the economy, the famous „Mittelstand“. The lack of capital and of financial and legal know-how led to countless insolvencies of small and medium sized companies. In many cases the company could have been saved.

Solving complex and special problems in law necessarily requires a global overview.

No legal problem is ever limited to just one field of law. The practice's philosophy is driven by general economic and legal analysis.

The handling of the case always stays under the control of the general commercial law practitionner, with specialists consulted where necessary. This ensures the provision of a first-rate legal service focused on efficiency, continuity and individuality and on a general understanding of economic realities.

Understanding of economic realities & a global legal overview are our key skills.

The practice N.H. BAYER, „NHB“, offers a wide range of legal advice based on a global approach and a deep knowledge of the legal frameworks of the two biggest European economies, France and Germany.

For all kinds of questions please call: 0049(0)1629 3040 75