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NH BAYER Anwaltskanzlei

Rechtsanwalt Bayer

Wollinerstrasse 1, D-10435 Berlin


Tel.:     + 49 (0) 30 30 88 18 67
Tel.:     + 49 (0) 16 29 30 40 75
Fax:     + 49 (0) 30 28 87 99 97
E-mail:  bayer@nhbayer.de

Web: www.nhbayer.de



NHB Legal Services for Germany

a. NHB Company Section

  • Company start-ups in Germany
    (GbR, GmbH, AG, Kommanditgesellschaften, Vereine. u.a.)
  • Company acquisitions, mergers, take-overs, spin-offs

    We help you set up your companies or subsidiaries in Germany
  • Due Diligence
  • General company and business consultation from A to Z,
    including the administration of the company, reorganisation, liquidation
  • Litigation all over Germany in German Courts
  • Advice to company management and removal of directors and shareholders, minority protection, take-overs, conduct of meetings
  • Drafting of contracts, adjusting French or other contracts to the German regulations (including director contracts, employment contracts, distribution and agency contracts, cooperation contracts, franchise contracts)
  • General Counsel in Labour Law Matters
    (social compensation plans, company deals, employment contracts, settlement negotiations, advice relating to transfers of employees, litigation, temporary work, outplacement)
    Companies investing in Germany should be aware of the stringent German labour law regulations (far removed from the "hire and fire" practices in other jurisdictions, such as in the UK)
  • Advice and litigation in landlord and tenant law
  • Debt collection and enforcement
    We help you to keep your business alive through professional and efficient debt collection and enforcement of claims.
  • Trade law
  • White collar crime
  • Distribution and agency law
  • Media law
  • Anti-trust
  • Construction and public procurement

b. NHB Private Law Section
  • Employee Counsel
  • Debt collection and enforcement in Germany, France & other European countries
  • tenant eviction
  • Law of succession and of divorce
  • Restitution/Compensation claims
  • General Civil Law